How is Christmas already only two days away?!? I really tried to plan ahead this December, but I feel like this month has just flown by! Music is a big part of getting into the Christmas spirit for me. I love all the old classic songs that I grew up listening to, but I also enjoy some of the songs that more modern artists have released. Some songs instantly spark a memory or a festive atmosphere – like listening to John Denver and the Muppet’s Christmas Album will forever remind me of when my dad would put on our family’s record and we would listen to it while decorating our Christmas Tree. Other songs serve as a good reminder about why we are celebrating the Christmas season and bring feelings of peace and love.

I’ve curated a list of Christmas songs that I hope will help you and your family feel the Christmas spirit. My playlist starts with some update favorites and gradually transitions to songs that reflect on the true meaning and spirit of Christmas. You can listen to my playlist by following this link.

What are some of your favorite Christmas songs? Can you think of any that should have been added to the list?