10 Neighbor Gift Ideas:

It’s that time of year again. Christmas-time is my favorite season because I love the atmosphere of giving and love. 


Christmas can also be a stressful time, so we’re hoping to lessen your burden by sharing some easy and inexpensive neighbor gift ideas. 


We know there are some neighborhoods, who, rather than exchanging gifts, will participate in a food or other donation drive. You could suggest this or something similar (all pitching in for a dumpster, if needed) to save you from exchanging gifts. 

If this is not the case, or you would like something small to gift anyway, here are 10 easy ideas for you:


1. Hand soap or hand sanitizer 

You can find hand soap/sanitizer at the Dollar Tree, Target Dollar Spot, on sale at Bath and Body Works…or really anywhere! Often we are bombarded with treats (nothing wrong with that!) So sometimes it’s nice to gift something that is not edible. 


2. Wrapping paper

The gift that keeps on giving. We can all use extra wrapping paper during this time of year. Stock up after Christmas for the following year to save even more money. 


3. Redbox codes

Who doesn’t like free movies? You can buy 5 for $8.75 up to 50 for $87.50 

*TIP* email the codes to yourself and then write/type them on cards to give to your neighbors. 



4. Christmas potpourri 

Create a simple blend with an orange, some cranberries, and cinnamon families can warm up on their stove for the best seasonal scent! 


5. Christmas countdown

If your neighbors have children, this would be a fun, family activity to get everyone excited for Christmas. There are many variations on how you could do this, so get creative!


6. Dishcloth/washcloth with a fun poem

Here’s one: http://little-miss-stitcher.blogspot.com/2013/11/washcloth-gift-idea-for-christmas.html?spref=pi


7. Paper goods with a note that says, “let us do the dishes”

Who doesn’t like to have extra paper goods on hand??


8. Fleece blanket 

Who doesn’t love a good blanket?? You can’t have too many once the weather turns cold.


9. A poinsettia 

You can find these all over! They are beautiful and definitely bring some holiday cheer! 


10. And of course, all of the treats. Here are some suggestions:

Cookies or cookie dough (store bought, Crumbl, or homemade) 

Brownies (made or a mix with poem)

Caramel corn/regular popcorn

Peppermint JoJos (from Trader Joes)

Hot chocolate kit

Chex Mex

Chocolate covered pretzels 

Baking mixes of any variety 


What is your favorite item to gift or receive?