Happy Fall!


I am so ready for warm sweaters, yummy treats, fun traditions, and fall décor!


This year I want to create an inviting porch that welcomes me each day when I come home.

The first step to this, was creating a homemade wreath! The best part of making something on your own is it will look exactly the way you want it to!


We decided to go for a hoop style wreath.


–          Metal hoop (we found ours with the other wreath making materials)

–          Flowers (we each used 3 styles)

–          Floral wire & tape

–          Wire cutters

–           Hot glue gun/sticks


**we found all of our materials at Michaels


-Arrange your flowers around the hoop to achieve your desired look.

-Trim off the stems of the flowers as needed.

-Begin to use the wire/tape to wrap the flowers to connect to the wreath.

-Use the glue gun to ensure all pieces are secure.

And that’s it! So simple and it will add just the right touch to your porch décor!