Mother’s Day is right around the corner! Getting the perfect gift can be hard, but we’ve rounded up a few ideas for you or your mama! (None of these are sponsored, we just like them!)

1- Promptly Journal: These journals have great prompts for you to keep your memories, from love stories to keeping a childhood history. And they come in different colors!

2 – Tubby Todd Mama Book: Self-care guide for mamas of all ages. Includes info on postpartum, emotional and spiritual progression, and your village.

3 – S’well Bottle: These are amazing! They last forever and really keep your drink feeling cold! We loves ours!

4 – I am a sucker for artwork, Celeste’s work is great! I don’t think she is accepting anymore custom work for mother’s day, but these prints are perfect!

5 – J Crew Robe: Who doesn’t love a nice robe!?

6- Bath bombs are the perfect little add on to any gift. You can buy them easily or even make them. You can follow the link to our diy.

7 – Made By Mary necklace: These small statement pieces are so simple but so lovely! They convey such a sweet message. Again, custom orders are closed for mother’s day, but the ready to go Mama ones are perfect.

8 – Mama Bear t-shirt: a fun simple gift for any mama.

9 – The Night Sky: these are customizable images that you can get with your own message and the sky from a desired location and date. They would make a very special gift.

10 – Mother’s Milk: Poems in Search of Heavenly Mother.

Or just ask your mom what she wants! Our mom told us that this year she wants stuff for the backyard 🙂

Promptly Journal: Childhood History
Tubby Todd Mama Book: You’ve Got This Mama
S’well Bottle: Find the collections HERE
Artwork: Celeste C Clark: A Mother’s Love and Mother’s Garden
J Crew Robe: Nordstrom
Bath bombs: LUSH or Make your own!
Made by Mary Necklace: Mama Mini Zola Necklace
Mama Bear t-shirt: On etsy
The Night Sky: Constellation Map
Mother’s Milk: Poems in Search of Heavenly Mother