This has been the weirdest few weeks! It is hard knowing that we won’t be able to celebrate Easter like we had hoped. We wanted to make this Easter special and created a Study Guide and Activities that follow some of the miracles that Christ performed and the final events of His life. This is a combination of the last two study guides Khemia made.

Miracles are a part of the gospel of Jesus Christ, if miracles cease it is because faith has ceased. The reasons for miracles to point us to the source of where they originate.

While a large portion of the resurrection and the Easter season have to do with the sacrifice and death of Jesus Christ. We believe that the greatest miracle of Easter is the fact that Christ still lives today and because He lives, we will be able to live again after we die.

Throughout this study, pay attention to the miracles that occur in your life and write them down daily. As you accomplish the different activities, tag us in your instagram stories so that we can share with our community (this will also help you get more ideas of what to do besides the ones listed!)

Download the study guide here:2020 Easter Guide.
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Resurrection cookies

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