2020 has thrown a curveball in a lot of ways. One thing that has been impacted is date night. Now you have to figure out what’s open, where you can social distance, do you want to hire a babysitter, etc. We’ve all had to get creative with date night. Keeping the romance alive is important, especially during this time of uncertainty and stress. Maintaining a regular date night will allow you to connect to your spouse and will help in maintaining positive mental health. 

We hope these 10 ideas help inspire you to get out with your significant other.

  1. Pack a meal and head out for a picnic. Grab your favorite food and visit a local park, lake, the mountains, or even your backyard. This date is cost effective and can be done from your own home, if needed. 

2. Have an outdoor movie night. Suggestions to make this a fun night can include downloading a movie on your iPad/tablet and drive up the canyon, visit a drive-in (if open/in your area) or project a movie from the comfort of your backyard

3. Be a hometown tourist. Go on Pinterest and look up the must-do/must-see things in your city. Pick things you’ve never done before that your city/state is known for. Find a restaurant you’ve never been to that is offering curbside pick up.

4. Grab your favorite meal and take it on a drive. We live at the bottom of a canyon so we enjoy being able to quickly go up to the mountains. If you’re not near the mountains, visit a lake, a park, or a scenic outlook. 

5. Visit a you pick farm/orchard. Whether it’s cherries, peaches, apples or pumpkins, going to an orchard is a fun way to spend an afternoon…and you get to enjoy the reap of your efforts. Use Google to find a farm/orchard that allows you to come pick produce. After you pick your food, you can come home and bake/make something out of it. 

6. Go hiking or biking. Pick a new trail to hike. If hiking isn’t your thing, go on a bike ride around your neighborhood. Some of our favorite summer nights include cruising around our neighborhood, pointing out our favorite home designs. 

7. Have a game night. You can each pick a game and then buy your favorite teats for an easy date at home. Some of our favorite games include: Disney Monopoly, Labyrinth, and Risk.

8. Visit your local zoo or aquarium. Many of these local places are reopening with social distancing measures in place. These establishments are likely less busy than they would otherwise be, so it’s a great time to visit. 

9. Go stargazing. Drive somewhere without ambient light, bring a blanket, a warm drink and enjoy the peaceful evening with your loved one. This date is even better if you can plan it around a meteor shower! 

10. Go geocaching. If you’re not familiar with geocaching, it’s like a grown up treasure hunt. You use an app to locate hidden items/log book. The premise is you can take an item and you leave one behind. Geocaching is everywhere and can help you adventure to new places. 

We hope this list inspires you to try something new with your significant other. We know this is a hard time to get out, but know the benefits are worth the effort needed to put into it. What other ways have you found to get out for date night? What dates should we include? Leave them in the comments below.