We are so excited to welcome Aubrey from The Mamahood Blog as our first guest poster! Aubrey started the Mamahood Blog as a Facebook community after her son was born to help her adjust to new life as a mom. That first group has grown to a community of over 25,000 members! Since that time, Aubrey has moved from Utah to Texas, experienced heartbreaking miscarriages, added another little girl to her family, and is expecting another little girl this October. Her Instagram and blog posts are always so down to earth, and after following her, you will feel like you’ve found a new best friend! You can follow along with her real journey at The Mamahood Blog or Instagram (@themamahoodblog).


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I’m the Mom


I remember when I was little, my mom would answer the phone at our house with her young sounding voice and I would always hear her say with a smirk on her face, “I’m the mom!”.


The other day I answered the door and the salesman asked if my mom was around. I wanted to look around and yell, “MOOOOM!!”, but I was the mom. (Which by the way, there’s nothing better than being able to shake your head and say, “Sorry, she’s not here!” to a salesman!)


I’ve thought about this funny little phrase, “I’m the mom” a lot. It comes in easy times, funny times, the best of times, and sometimes the hardest of times.


When there’s a bazillion crumbs on the floor every night from a messy eating toddler who gets to clean it up? Me.


Because I’m the mom.


When there’s an owie on a little scraped knee, who’s job is it to kiss it better? Mine.


Because I’m the mom.


When there’s a tiny newborn crying at night and all she wants is to be held. Who’s awake? Me.


Because I’m the mom.


When those little pigtails run off to school for the first time, who has tears in their eyes? Me.


Because I’m the mom.


When there’s puke everywhere from a sick child, a midnight ER visit, a snotty nose dripping in the face, a scary dream, or any other malfunction in the household. Who shows up? We do.


Because we’re the mom.


Being the mom you get to have front row seat! That seat is reserved for YOU. No one else. You deserve every ounce of that ride too. It’s messy, it’s bumpy, it’s tiring. But it’s beautiful all at the same time and you get to experience it all.


Because you’re the mom.


Xo, Aubrey