Imagine this. A perfectly clean house…at last.

Decorative pillows actually on the sofa, no toys under the kitchen table, no crumbs on the floor or
splatter on the wall, not a speck of dust anywhere to be found. The house is organized, clean and
smelling fresh with a warm breeze pulling in through an opened window, curtains gently swaying. Dishes
are done, it’s vacuumed and mopped. It’s even quiet.

Doesn’t THAT sound perfect?

Well, let me be honest with you…no, not to me!

I know all of those things I’ve described above are marvelous and such a treat to an average, over-
exhausted mama. But let’s be real, why do we need to have everything perfectly in its place, not a dish
in the sink, not a precious little fingerprint on all those windows?

I’d take all that, instead of a quiet, boring, but clean house any day.

You see, when I got pregnant with my first child I had unrealistic goals with unrealistic expectations. I
thought I would master time management, breastfeeding, make consistent meals and set my priorities
correctly every day. I couldn’t imagine my life what it is now with two kids. You can never see ahead and
plan everything perfectly for the future. There are many unknowns and factors that come to play as to
why our life is what it is now.

Our life comes in stages and currently you and I are in the mommy stage. And we all know kids aren’t
tidy, clean or quiet (most of the time at least!). And that’s okay! Kids must be kids. They’ll leave you
crumbs in every corner, toys scattered throughout the house and even potty accidents here and there.
You won’t have every goal accomplished by the end of the day and you may never get to sit on that
comfy sofa of yours with a book in your hands while kids take that long awaited nap. Even naps are the

You simply have to enjoy motherhood. You have to learn to be okay with mess and spills. You have to
realize not everything will get done that you wanted to do for the day and the house may not be the
clean house I’ve described above every single night. And that’s alright!

As the saying goes, “we only have 18 summers with our kids”. So let’s not focus on the wrong thing
here, but focus on our kids. Let’s enjoy their sticky hands, their chocolate covered faces, enjoy the pain
of stepping on Lego’s and the deprivation of sleep. Time WILL fly by, and trust me, the dishes can wait.
And remember, motherhood is all about sacrifice, unconditional love and being actually there for our


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