Need some ideas for Mother’s Day! Because we certainly do! We’ve rounded up a few ideas and would love to hear from you too about what you are planning to get your mom or what you are hoping to get!


Proper Tee: These are from @ChrisLovesJulia. There are several different designs and they are so fun!
Candle: Bath and Body Works has the best candles! I went yesterday and it didn’t look like their candles were on sale, but this was the price online. I love all of their scents!
Family Tree Prints: I love this form of family history, it is such a cute way to display where you come from.
Gathre Mat: Gathre has so many things that would be perfect for any mom. There are table cloths, aprons, and mats for the ground. They are easy to clean and very modern looking.
Freshly Picked: FP has their big Spring Sale going on right now and they have different bags and shoes perfect any women whether they are a mom or not. We all have our eyes on different products that we want to get!
Bath robe: A classic gift idea! This one is from Target. You could pair it with a nice lotion or candle too!
Water Bottle:  Drinking water is no joke!Hydro Flasks are great quality and come in so many different colors and sizes!
Jewelry: I have come to really like the brand Rightly Royce – it all started when the creator wanted something to remember her young son who passed away. There are several different styles to choose from!
Flowers: Another classic! Pair it with a nice vase and viola! I love getting flowers from Trader Joes
Family Illustration: Khemia enjoys drawing and doing different design projects! She would be happy to create a family illustration for you! Reach out @_khemia
Vase: I have seen this vase recommended by a lot of different people. It is LARGE! and only $25! You can get it from Target!


None of these ideas were sponsored, just a few suggestions for some last minute gifting!