One of the things that I am passionate about is regular exercise. I typically run 5-6 days a week, but I also love to throw in a good hike or cardio class. There is nothing worse than being in the middle of a workout and feeling uncomfortable from your clothing – chafing, rubbing, it’s all miserable.

I have been wearing Belcorva’s active wear for years and I am definitely a fan. I’ve worn their leggings, capris, and shorts casually around my house, hiking, running, and they are my go-to for any long-distance activity. I just haven’t found another brand that offers the features and comfort at such an affordable price point. Here’s a run down for why I always find myself turning to their products.

One of the primary reasons that I consistently turn to my Belcorva products is the amount of storage in their products. Their leggings, capris, and biker-style shorts each have two large leg products and then a smaller zip pocket in the back. These pockets are large enough to hold your phone, keys, a snack, and still have room to spare. Their Runner’s Dream shorts take pockets to the next level with 5 pockets total – they add in two zipped pockets on the outside of the shorts, in addition to the pockets located on the compression area of the shorts. These shorts hold everything! I wear these when running in half marathon distances and the comfortably hold my key, inhaler, phone, and the gu gels that I use during the race. Despite carrying so much, they are still comfortable and have never hindered my performance.

We love all the room in these pockets!
Plenty of room to hold everything during my half marathon!

Belcorva products are comfortable. Whether you are hanging out at home or tackling an intense workout, these will get the job done. The fabric has just the right amount of stretch while still providing a bit of compression; they offer the perfect blend of support and coverage. Most of their bottoms feature a high waist. We also love that their products offer great coverage – you don’t need to worry about anything showing through when you are wearing them. Beth and Khemia love to wear their 7” shorts when hanging out around the house. Lisa loves their 5” shorts and Runner’s Dream shorts for exercise.

Side Note: I’ve found that the leg openings on the Runner’s Dream shorts run a tad small (tight). I typically size up from my normal size in this style.

Belcorva packs a lot of quality and features into an affordable price point. Shorts start at $38 and capris start at $39. Leggings start at $43 – this is a great price point compared to many other popular brands. Plus, you can try Belcorva at a discount by using our code SISTERS10 to save 10% off your order!

Perfect for a day of hiking.

We love Belcorva products and think you will, too! Have you tried them yet? Let us know! Don’t forget to use our discount code SISTERS10 to save on your next order.