Last year, I set a goal that my husband and I would get out on at least one “real” date per month. Perhaps you are thinking to yourself that this doesn’t sound very ambitious, but with three young kids, our date nights had become few and far between. I have noticed that having time for just the two of us to reconnect away from our kids is an important part of keeping our relationship healthy. Unfortunately, life has a way of getting busy and sometimes things like date night can start to become less of a priority than they should.

When I set my goal, I wanted to come up with ideas that would be different than just going to dinner and a movie – I wanted to try new things! Below are a few ideas of date nights that we have tried and enjoyed, as well as a few that I would still like to plan.


Local Tourists
When we go out, we tend to go to the same, familiar places for dinner. For this date night, we decided to act like tourists and only allowed ourselves to do new things. I did research on Tripadvisor and Pinterest for new dining options in the downtown Salt Lake area. I really wanted to try and pick something based off of the same type of research I would do if I was out of town rather than sticking with something that I was pretty familiar with. We ended up trying Settebello Pizza and we both really enjoyed trying something new! After dinner, we walked around the downtown area and went to see a new museum exhibit. This is the type of activity I love to do when I am traveling, so it was fun to do it in my hometown and explore a little bit more on foot.

Seasonal Music Show
One of my most favorite holiday traditions is to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert every December. Tickets sell out extremely fast (there are three shows and tickets are usually gone within a few minutes). I LOVE planning this as a date night when we are lucky enough to get tickets. I think that it is fun to have a reason to get dressed up a little more than normal for a date and I love the festive atmosphere of the concert. The Choir also does a summer concert with special musical guests that I would really like to attend sometime – most recently, Matthew Morrison, Laura Michelle Kelly, and Oscar “Andy” Hammerstein III. However, you don’t need to wait for a big concert. There are several other musical events in the Salt Lake area (and I’m willing to bet in your area, too) that can be so enjoyable to attend. Deer Valley and Red Butte Gardens are a few local venues that offer an outdoor summer concert series – chances are that they have something that would interest you if classical or choir music isn’t really your thing.

First Date Revival
Every once in a while, we think it is fun to relive our first date – we go to dinner at the same place and do the same activity. In our case, it was dinner at the Millcreek Cafe Rio, riding the Alpine Slide in Park City, and then grabbing an ice cream from Coldstone.  So much changes during a relationship, and I think that it can be so fun to revisit how everything got started. My experience is that this is the perfect way to get nostalgic, take a trip down memory lane, and reflect on how much things have changed over the course of your relationship. If you are able to, you can add to the nostalgic factor by planning your date for the anniversary of your first date!

Progressive Dinner
One of my friends and her husband went on this date, and I think it sounds like so much fun! They drove to downtown Salt Lake and went to get something to eat – but only an appetizer. After their appetizer, the rented bikes,rode to the next restaurant, and ordered their main dinner. After dinner, the rode to another location for dessert. I think that this seems like such a fun way to have an activity and eating together, as well as a great way to potentially try three new places in one night! We rarely order dessert and only occasionally order an appetizer when we go out because we just don’t have the appetite for all three…I think that I could handle all three courses if they were spread out like this!

Fish Spa Session 
This one is still on my bucket list, so I would love to hear if anyone has tried it and what you thought!

I realize that going to get a pedicure may not be the most exciting date night for some men, but have you ever considered trying a Fish Spa Session? The Seaquest Aquarium offers an experience where you dip your feet into a tank of doctor fish. These toothless fish gently remove dead skin cells for a very unique experience. If allowing fish to make a meal out of your feet doesn’t sound very appealing, it is still fun to pamper yourselves with a traditional pedicure session. I am willing to bet that most men will be won over by having their feet lotioned and massaged. Grab a treat while you are out and enjoy having someone take care of you for the night instead of the other way around!


What are some of your favorite date night ideas? We would love to hear what you and your significant other enjoy doing!