Welcome to Kindness Week!

We have been so excited to share kindness week with you! What you may not know about us, our birthdays are all within 4 days of each other aka: birthday week! We decided a fun way to celebrate would be to dedicate birthday week to completing 100 acts of kindness.



“You will never regret being kind”


That’s where you come in! We are hoping you all will join in on the fun and spread kindness around like confetti!


We will be using the #simpliactsofkindness and will be keeping track of all of the acts of kindness on our instastories. Follow along @simplisisters


Spread the word and help us get to 100 acts of kindness by Sunday, September 16, 2018. Everyone who submits an act of kindness, whether through posting their act on Instagram and tagging @simplisisters / using the #simpliactsofkindness OR dm’ing us with what you did, will be entered to win a Bright Box (https://brightboxes.shop/) from us!


“No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted” –Aesop


We hope you’ll join along, so we can brighten our communities and make the world a kinder place.