It’s no surprise that life is weird right now. I’ve been going back and forth thinking this year is crap and thinking about what can I learn from what is going on. But I think that’s normal. It’s okay not to be okay with what’s going on ALL the time. It’s okay to feel your feelings and realize that there is a lot of crap going on in the world right now.

I’ve been loving this quote lately:

It is so easy to let life just pass us by right now. It’s so easy to just say 2020 doesn’t count.

I feel lucky that my life hasn’t changed all that much. I still go into work everyday and I am an ultimate introvert so I never went out and did things with other people anyway. But there are definitely times when I have felt down and realize that it is because of the current situation of the world.

So here are a few things that have helped me.

Things that help me:

No. 1 | Get outside. Take time to go on a walk, the evenings are cooling off and it is the perfect time! What’s better is usually the sun is setting and everything is just glowing outside!

No. 2 | Be filled with empathy. Try to put yourself in other people’s shoes. Annoyed you have to wear a mask for 30 minutes while grocery shopping? Think about the people at the store who have to wear it for hours. Or the medical personnel who wear masks all day, every day. Think about the people who are struggling and think about how you can help them.

Or just pay it forward! Doing something good for someone else can make such a difference in your own life. Pay for someone’s drink or food in the drive thru behind you, leave a generous tip to your food drivers, I don’t know what you do – but do something nice!

No. 3 | Exercise. I’ve gone down two sizes in pants since March and I’m shocked! I’m not really eating better, but I have been much more active. I’m loving Total Bodi by Angela (30-60 minute exercises that you do at home that really will kick your butt! It’s $10 a month until the end of the month, starting August it will be $15 a month for new members) and The Fitness Marshall Dance videos (he has tons of free videos on Youtube, but I LOVE the 60 minute sessions. It’s $15 a month and he makes new 60 minute videos weekly. I think of it as going to a class, it’s so good!)

No. 4 | Stay connected. Just because we are supposed to social distance doesn’t mean we need to stop socializing. There are soooo many ways to stay connected to friends and family!

No. 5 | Get out of your own head. That sounds a little weird. For me, sometimes that means meditating and thinking about the future I want to have, it means watching Netflix, it means listening to audio books, it means doing puzzles, it means reading scriptures. With everything going on I need to take “brain breaks”. It helps me not focus on all the crap and to just kind of reset.

No. 6 | Take a social media break. Social media and the news will pound so much into you and it is EXHAUSTING! Everyone is always sharing their opinions about everything and turning everything into a political issue. JUST TAKE A BREAK FROM THE NOISE!