Welcome to Day 3 of the simpli sisters self-care challenge!

How did day 2 go? Did you find it hard to complete the challenge? Are you starting to feel the effects of caring for and prioritizing yourself?


Today, we are focusing on intellectual/mental self-care.


What is that you may wonder? Intellectual/mental self-care is “being curious and having a strong desire to learn”. We often forget that just as our bodies need exercising, our mind does as well.


Benefits of intellectual/mental self-care:

  • Sharpened mind and memory retention
  • An open mind which allows for new ideas or ways of thinking
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Heightened problem solving skills


Your challenge today is to complete one intellectual/mental self-care task. Remember to share a picture on Instagram with #simpliselfcare and tag us, @simplisisters.


Here are some ideas to get you going:

  • Read a book, magazine, or newspaper (or audiobook)
  • Complete or work on a puzzle
  • Play a mental game (Chess, Scrabble, Risk)
  • Do a crossword puzzle
  • Visit a museum
  • Create a vision board
  • Learn a new language
  • Experiment with new ways of doing things
  • Get creative


See you tomorrow for Day 4!