“Put yourself at the top of your to-do list every single day and the rest will fall into place”

Welcome to our self-care challenge!

We believe it is important to prioritize yourself and the needs you have. Why? Because you can’t take care of anyone or anything until you have first taken care of yourself.


Here are some benefits to self-care:

  • When you are in tune with your physical body, you have the awareness to ensure you are living with balance (food, exercise, rest)
  • This in turn reduces the stress you may face
  • Those who practice self-care tend to be more successful in their life
  • Those who practice self-care tend to have added happiness and sense of content


During the challenge this week, we will address 6 aspects of self-care:

1. Physical Self-Care

2. Emotional Self-Care

3. Intellectual/Mental Self-Care

4. Social Self-Care

5. Lifestyle/Practical Self-Care

6. Spiritual Self-Care


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