It would be fair to say that I love finding ways to save money on my everyday (and not so everyday) purchases – think diapers, groceries, clothing, and food. I hate paying full price if there’s any way that I can avoid it – sometimes to the annoyance of my husband! But, I am a firm believer that those small, seemingly insignificant savings slowly add up to be big savings. It’s like a challenge for me – what discount can I find and on how many products? How much money can I save on a single shopping trip? Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite money-saving tips with you. These are great to help you with your everyday spending, but can also help with your big spending seasons (cue holiday shopping anyone?).

These are some of my tried and true methods for saving cash on the things I buy every day. Have you tried any of these? What money-saving tips do you have? We’d love to hear them!

Earn Cash Back or Gift Cards from Online Shopping

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One of my favorite ways to earn money is to earn points from shopping online. There are a few different programs that offer this service, but I have been using MyPoints for years. The concept is very simple – you shop at your favorite website after clicking through from MyPoints and earn a set number of points for every dollar that is spent. These points accrue and can be cashed out for gift cards. You can also earn additional points for doing other things on their website, like taking surveys. I like to save up my points and cash them out for gift cards to use for a little extra spending at Christmas and back to school time. I’m looking forward to redeeming my points for a Target gift card to use on Black Friday in just a few days. If you use my referral link, you will earn a bonus 1,750 points after your first $20 purchase.

Use Money-Saving Apps

Use apps like Ibotta, TargetCircle, and Rakuten to your advantage.

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Ibotta lets you earn cash back on certain purchases when you scan your receipts or link your grocery store loyalty account to the app. There are offers at stores like Wal-Mart, Target, Trader Joe’s, and most grocery stores, as well as online shopping. You can earn bonus incentives for redeeming a certain number of offers. This cash accrues in your account until you’re ready to cash it out. The great thing about Ibotta is that you can use it in conjunction with store sales and coupons. If you watch for sales, you can score some really great (and sometimes even free!) deals.

Example: Target is offering an incentive on Huggies diapers. If you purchase two packages ($24.99 each), you get a $10 gift card to use on a future purchase. Ibotta is offering $3 cash back for each box of Huggies purchased and you have coupons for $3 off each box. After all offers are incorporated, each box costs $14 instead of $25!

Example: Your local grocer has DiGiorno pizza on sale for $5. You stack a $0.50 coupon and an Ibotta offer for $1.50 cash back, meaning that pizza cost $3.

You can use my referral code, bktksle, to join!

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Who doesn’t love Target? Target is definitely one of my faves and I love saving money there! If you don’t use Target Circle, you need to start using it NOW. Target Circle is the replacement for their Cartwheel app, and it is all about saving you money. Similar to Cartwheel, you can save a percentage off of certain products. If you are a Redcard member, you still save 5% off your purchase total. If you don’t use your Redcard, you earn 1% back to use on a future purchase. Participating in Target Circle also lets you vote for where Target donates funds in your local community. So, you can feel good shopping at Target because you are scoring great deals AND helping your community.

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Don’t you hate it when you buy something, only to have it go on sale a few days later? Cue another money saving app that I’ve started using: Rakuten Slice. This app works by connecting to your online purchases and automatically watching for price drops. If a price drop is found, you will get an alert notifying you and asking if you want to send in a request to get a refund for the difference. They even have pre-populated requests that you can use to submit your request. Rakuten Slice also tracks your shipments so you know when to expect those packages.

Join the Loyalty Program

Does your favorite store or restaurant offer a loyalty program? Joining these programs is a great way to earn free products or rewards. For example, one of our family’s favorite places to eat allows you to earn points from the purchases that you make – all you have to do is scan the receipt. I try to join the loyalty program for any store or restaurant that I frequent somewhat regularly. Even if you don’t go too often, these rewards slowly add up to free products.

What about you? What are some of your favorite ways to save money on the things you buy everyday?