If you’re anything like me and my husband, there’s nothing better than a night in. Whether you have children or not, these 10 ideas are sure to give you something to do with your significant other from home that won’t break the bank.

Put your kids to bed or send them to their grandparents and get for some one on one time with your partner.

1. Take out and a movie

         One of our favorite date nights is definitely take out and a movie. There’s nothing better than being cuddled up in our pajamas, enjoying each other’s company.

2. At home spa night

        Use lotion or massage oil and take turns        giving each other back massages. Even better, learn techniques on how to give professional level massages. Set up candles for a romantic atmosphere.

3. Game night

         Pick a game and have your partner pick a game and play while snacking on your favorite treats.

4. Paint night

        Buy some paint, brushes, and canvas and look up painting tutorials on YouTube. Create something together or on your own you can display in your home.

5. Bake together

        Pick a treat and bake together. For added fun, pick a recipe you haven’t made before. Macaroons, cheesecake, be creative and adventurous

6. Create a bucket list

        Write down a bucket list to include all of the things you want to do together as a couple. Hang it up and use it as a way to set goals for the year.

7. Have a nerf gun fight

        Purchase some cheap nerf guns, create some rules, and have a friendly fight. This is a good way to do something fun together.

8. Create a time capsule

        Go through your home and put together meaningful items from over the years of your relationship. Write a letter for your partner to open in 10, 20, or 30 years.

9. YouTube karaoke

         Pick some of your favorite songs on YouTube and sing and dance along to them. For added fun: pull together some costumes. Don’t forget to take pictures!

10. Take the love languages test https://www.5lovelanguages.com/profile/couples/)

       Take the quiz and share the results with your partner. Talk about how you can better show your partner love and what is the most meaningful way to show love to you.


We hope this gives you a few ideas of ways to spend some inexpensive, quality time with your partner.